Being the Best

Posted January 15th, 2012 by Dennis Leon, DVM
Best Veterinarian Long Island

Long Island's Best Pet Hospital (1st Place) & Best Veterinarian (1st and 3rd Places)

The 2012 edition of Long Island Press’ Best of LI hit newsstands last Friday, and results of last Fall’s voting was finally released to the general public.  “Best Pet Hospital,” “Best Pet Sitting / Boarding,” and “Best Veterinarian” were among the hundreds of categories listed in the newspaper. I am happy to report that we were listed four times in the three categories: Levittown Animal Hospital for Best Pet Hospital (First Place) & Best Pet Sitting / Boarding (Second Place), Dr. Mark Nunez for Best Veterinarian (Third Place), and myself for Best Veterinarian (First Place).  Read more »

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1 vs 3 year Rabies vaccines -is there really still a debate?

Posted January 16th, 2011 by Dennis Leon, DVM

I was doing some light bedtime internet browsing and came across another veterinarian’s blog posting about 1yr vs. 3yr rabies vaccinations.  I laughed a little. I cried a little.  So I’m not accused of any sort of plagiarism, I will refrain from any cutting and pasting, but will merely provide a link to what I read:

I did cut/paste my comment below. By the time some of you read this I suspect the owner of the other blog will have deleted my response -but I will leave it here for the world to see. Read more »

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The real cost of healthcare

Posted September 19th, 2010 by Dennis Leon, DVM
NOT Dr. Leon's car

NOT Dr. Leon's car

Recently, I had my own appointment with an otolaryngologist (aka ear-nose-throat or “ENT” physician).  I was diagnosed with otitis externa (an ear infection) and the doctor prescribed some medicated ear drops which I picked up at a local pharmacy.  This experience struck me as one similar to a scenario I see all the time at Levittown Animal Hospital.  I see at least one (if not four) ear infections on any given day.  So I decided to compare Read more »

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Dnalsi Gnol is Long Island spelled backwards.

Posted June 15th, 2010 by Dennis Leon, DVM

Lap ovh web1You would think that one of the wealthiest counties in the country would also be home to the best of the best veterinary hospitals in America.  You would think that the pet owners of this wealthy county would demand the most modern and cutting edge care for their companions.  Yes, you could think those things Read more »

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